“every child has the right to play sports”
1989 UN Convention
2009 Lisbon Treaty


Developing scholarships in sport sector connected to educational programs to benefit children coming from disadvantages families.


• Offer the challenge of transforming the lives of children through the power of inclusive free tennis activities in connection with educational programs;
• Strengthen the cooperation and mutual support in the fields of sport & education with sport and cultural local institutions.

Project updating

The initiative has reached its second operating year. By 2020, more participants will be involved and thanks to the experience of 2019, the activities can be set up in compliance with the needs of each community involved. The supply of clothing and technical material (rackets, balls and nets for mini tennis) always remains a priority. In light of the relevant international shipping costs for materials (including custom fees), we are checking the possibility of purchasing what is needed locally. Despite the technical problems, we have the confirm that the initiative achieves its goals, namely social inclusion: so we are on the right track. For us, the involvement of top players and sports managers is essential to ensure adequate fundraising: we thank all those who are helping us.

Description of charity

The initiative benefits candidates from Kenya, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. The scholarships have the goal to give children the free access in tennis courses assisted by tennis instructors for 6 consecutive months. The selection of children inside each project is carried out with respect to the specific guidelines provided by TFA. The scholarships include not only the free access to tennis schools but also the delivery of tennis equipment.


Priority is given to children coming from disadvantages families with interest and attitude in sport and good performances achieved at school.

Minimum budget

The value of each scholarship has been updated and now is of 200,00 €. Each participant can be included in a group with 1 instructor covering an activity of 6 month. The donation include the provision of 1 junior tennis racquet. The donation can provided by a natural or legal person.

Project partners and areas of focus


Project coordinator: Mr. Gibson Amenya - Khwisero Sports Academy
Geographic area: Khwisero Sub County
Framework: Ministry of Educationn reports most students drop out of school because of lack of fees; Khwisero Sports Academy started in May 2016 to respond to the local needs. The academy offers a platform to link talented pupils with high schools which offer bursary to these kids in tennis and football. The Academy introduced a junior tennis training program for pupils aged 10 years in 2017. The numbers of children have been rising, but there is the urgent need of tennis balls and sport equipment.


Project coordinator: Mr. Charles Hubbard
Geographic area: Freetown - Hill Station
Framework: Tennis for Africa developed training activities and promotional initiatives in tennis field for children at Hill Station area between 2005 and 2008. The coordinator of the project returned to Freetown in 2018 after several years spent in the UK for work. Now the project can start again.


Project coordinator: Mr. Blair Akilimali Blair
Partner: HOCODECO- Hope for Community Development and Consultancy Organization Geographic area: MERU DISTRICT-ARUSHA
Framework: The Government is investing a lot in sports, mainly for adults, and through NIPE NAFASI acts to create opportunity for children and youths to use sports to sustain their future. Nevertheless there is the strong need to provide services to vulnerable and marginalized families.