The cooperation project, launched in Tanzania in 2011, aims at promoting sport among young people through the discipline of football and tennis. Sport is a universal language that helps educate young people, promote social inclusion, fight poverty.

The project is realized for communities assisted by our organization in the capital Dar Es Salaam, with particular attention to children coming from the most vulnerable families and with disabilities.

Targets in 2018

The targets are achieved through three specific actions:

- the supply of sportswear and equipment (soccer balls, tennis balls and rackets);
- the promotion of training courses for instructors;
- the promotion of sport camps for the most talented young people.

The association also carries out social promotion activities promoting, both in Tanzania and in Italy, agreements between sports clubs, public and private institutions.

Future actions

Organization of 3-day training courses for local instructors

• Beneficiaries: physical education teachers, football coaches, tennis instructors.
• Teachers: 2 experts available.

During the 9-day stay in Tanzania, the two experts provide three-day sessions each, involving 10 participants per session.

Distribution of sportswear

For the sport promotion we provide about 200 kits to play sport (150 children for playing football - 50 children for tennis). Our local coordinator has the cimmittment of distributing the material giving priority to less well-off families.

Sports camps

4 sports camps are scheduled in 2018 (2 for football and 2 for tennis).
Every camp is long 10 working days and takes place in Italy. Total assistance will be provided for the candidates. The aim of the initiative is to give a professional, social and human growth for the eight candidates.


The project is totally financed by private donations. Organized online auctions for fundraising, sports association, tennis clubs and technical companies are involved.