The developing project

Tennis for Africa has been working in Tazania for 5 years with a project for the social and cultural development of young people, through the healthy principles of sport and specifically through the discipline of tennis.

Selection of the candidates

The selection of candidates is coordinated by Fabrizio Caldarone, Tennis for Africa project manager, and our local collaborators. We select candidates between 18 and 22 years old.

Our support

We provide visas, all the administrative documents, health insurance, local and international transportation, tutoring.

The Academies

The academies provide for free board and lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner at the guesthouse and assistance of sport experts.

Technical program

The candidates receive a full time support from qualified personnel in agonistic, psycho-physical and technical training programs.

Sport equipment

The candidates receive the sport equipment from technical sponsors; Diadora was the official sponsor in 2017.

Tennis camps in 2018

You can help the new candidates by covering the expenses of the camps. You can offer them the opportunity to live a real experience, giving a sign of hope to face the future.

No matter how much you donate, we will use your contribution as soon as the activity begins and we will keep you informed step by step.

Thanks for your help!

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