Partners of Tennis For Africa

List of Tennis Clubs

Tennis for Africa Association has received the free support
of many clubs and specialized sport stores for the fund-raising and for the promotion of solidarity,
involving a huge number of people

Rome - Italy

Milan - Italy

Novara - Italy

Spoleto - Italy

Appia Country Club
Associazione Sportiva Arcobaleno,
Centro Sportivo Italia,
Circolo Tennis De Vialar,
Accademia del Tennis,

Circolo Tennis S.S.Snam

Bottega del Tennis

Piazzano Tennis Club Circolo Tennis Spoleto

Rome - Italy

Manchester - England



Due Ponti Sporting Club,
Pisana Tennis Team,
Tennis Club Acqua Santa,
Tennis Club Magistrati,
Tennis Club Forma Center
Northern LTA tfa tfa

Grosseto Italy

Dublin - Ireland Marshalltown Iowa - USA Augusta - USA
Circolo Tennis Pitigliano Lansdowne, Mount Pleasant, Railway Union, CYM, Greystones Elmwood Country Club Club at Raes Creek



Since January 30, 2000