International Exhibition with Mats Wilander in Novara - Italy
November 1997

Fundraising for a school program in Quelimane Province, Mozambique

The Swedish champion Mats Wilander and the Italian players Marzio Martelli, Alice Canepa and Laura Golarsa were the participants of this exhibition at the sportstadium in Novara - Italy, with the presence 1000 spectators. Marzio Martelli, davisman from Italy, played in place of Pat Cash. Mats Wilander came directly from New York for playing the event with a two days trip. The Italian actor Francesco Salvi  played with Wilander an amusing double match. After  the match Mats donated his racquets for promoting a charity lottery collecting 1500 $. Wilander collaborated for Tennis for Africa in Rome during the Italian Open in 1989 for the first time, during his best period of his remarkable career.

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