Tennis lessons for charity provided by the top coaches now available

With a donation of 1 US Dollar you receive suggestions, opinions and guidelines from the most important pro tennis coaches in the world.The articles from David Mcpherson (Bryan),  Riccardo Piatti (Milos Raonic),  Max Sartori (Adreas Seppi) JosŤ Perlas (Fabio Fognini) and Claudio Pistolesi (Robin Solderning) are now availabe.

Claudio Pistolesi: How the coach should set up the job with a a young player who looks for pro. Helpful suggestions for the family.
Riccardo Piatti: How to improve tennis performances; the suggestions for players of every level. Guidelines for coaches for working with players with different specifications. 
JosŤ Perlas: How to improve the mental performances; the suggestions for  coaches and players. 
Max Sartori: the experience with Andreas Seppi; a long term collaboration along the growing phases of the Italian talent.
David Mcpherson: the experience with Bryans; the secrets for the best  technical, mental and physical implementation. 

The initiative is realized with the collaboration of Tennis World and the endorsement of the Global Professional Tennis Coach Association.

The lessons from Alberto Mancini (former top ranking ATP player) and Alberto Castellani (president of  GPTCA) will be availble soon.





Riccardo Piatti


Max Sartori


JosŤ Perlas


Alberto Mancini


David Mcpherson


Claudio Pistolesi

Since January 30, 2000